Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday Morning Zombie Talk...........

Always a good topic to start the week with.

This article from Popular Mechanics gets right into the nuts and bolts of making, Dead Zeds Deader and is guaranteed to be a great ice breaker around the water cooler or the Christmas get together with the family.

"Anatomy of the Perfect (Undead) Headshot"

In typical, Popular Mechanics style, they go into depth and detail about Killer Zombie Headshots. Covering all the bases and the anatomy of the Undead with real science to make it all interesting.

It really is pretty interesting and if your kids are like mine, this is certain to spark off an easy hour or two of ZombieTalk.

Seriously, what better way is there to spend quality time and bond with the offspring than ZombieTalk?
Beats the shit out of the whole, "Birds and Bees" bullshit.

If they don't know the proper way to kill Zombies they're never gonna reach the age where that, "Birds and Bees" bullshit is gonna be of any use to 'em anyway.
So start 'em when they're young and get 'em a properly sized Melee Weapon now to start practicing with.

When the Great Zomboculypse does happen, they'll still be alive to thank you.
Unless of course you get infected.

But Hey! If that does happen, at least they'll do you the favor of knowing how to properly whack your ass and that's a plus.

Who wants to shamble around as a rotting, undead corpse in search of sweet, sweet, BRRAAAIIINNNSSSSSS........... for who knows how long? Not a career choice I'd consciously pick.

And don't fall for this Bullshit either Kids-

CheerLeaders are every bit as dangerous as Zombies and don't ever forget that. But that's a topic for another day.

Gratuitous ZombiePic for a Monday -


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