Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Chicken Feed Talk.............

My Cousin asked in the comments below for a link to the Corn seed recommended to me by mmpaints.

Seems I'm not the only one getting his ass busted by the rising cost of feed.

Since it's a pretty safe bet that we're not the only ones who are looking at ways to grow our own feed here's a link- Nothstine Dent (OG).
I had asked mmpaints for suggestions for a good corn for both meal and feed. She says this one will do duty for both. Good enough for me. She's pretty much got the growing things for food and feeds down.

You can make cornmeal from any damn corn. Same with feed, but I wanted to simplify things and just grow 1. We'll see how it goes. She had a few other suggestions that I will have to recheck & then I'll pass 'em along to ya all.

I'm gonna put out a plot of Mangel Beets and see how that works. Of course that means I'm gonna have to return to the cold cellar plan that was a spectacular failure last Winter. The good news is I know how NOT to do it this time.
And we all know how helpful that is.

Turned out to be a fine day today. The Sun came out & warmed things up and and it was a right fine day to work out there.

Finished cutting up the 1 tree I had on the ground already and dropped another and got darn near all of it cut and in the, "To be split" pile. Just a bit of cleanup and that'll be done.

This is a fer sure, Goodness Thing. More Sunlight for the Garden area and firewood for the stove. Not to mention some much needed exercise for my fat ass. That 2+ month layoff with the foot surgery didn't do much for my already lacking muscle tone.
Damn, things sure go to hell quick when you get to be an old fart.

Oh well, could be worse and I'm sure it will be somewhere down the line. But today was a good day and damn if I won't be happy with that.

Gratuitous Picture for a Tuesday Afternoon-

Ready to get out and ride. Come on, Spring!


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