Friday, January 21, 2011

It's Like it's Winter Out There or Something.............

Baby it's cold outside.
Brrrrr. Right around zero this morning.

It finally stopped snowing last night so I got the little tractor out this morning and plowed everything. Now that I know what the hell I'm doing it didn't take long at all.

Damn, I love that tractor. My lower back REALLY loves it. It's a 2 day job just getting the driveway clear with a shovel. 2 hours with that tractor and I get the drive, parking area and a route out to the barn done. Oh Yeah, baby!

Now I need to find a plow and a disc for it. Went to a couple of the local recycling places and left my name and number if anyone brings any implements in for scrap. Along with the promise of a case of beer if they hook me up. Yeah, beer is a pretty good motivator for most guys.

One of my coworkers says he may have some equipment that would be just right for that size little tractor out at his dad's place. Hopefully that'll pan out. It may cost me a bottle of Makers Mark along with a bit of cash, but that's ok. It'll still be cheaper than anything I've seen on Craigslist. Everything I've seen on craigslist seems to be selling at collector or antique decoration prices. I just want something to make expanding the garden easier this Spring.

Spring has to be coming because I've already got a stack of Seed Catalogs sitting here. I have to figure out a way to decrease the amount of chicken feed I buy and provide more of it myself. This time of year it gets expensive and I gotta figure out what I can do to fix that.

Heard on the radio this morning that there's no inflation going on and that's a damn good thing.
Chicken feed has gone up by $2.75/bag in the last year or so, but it's damn good to know that there's no inflation happening.
Gas is back up over $3 bucks a gallon. But that's ok since there's no inflation going on.

I doubt I have say anything about grocery prices, do I? I mean, shit, the Sonzabitches in Washington say, "Inflation ain't happening" so it must be so.

No, that's right ain't it? No inflation? Happy days are here again and all That?

Do these Peckerheads really think no one is noticing that the prices of everything is going up?
This shit would be funny if it wasn't so pathetic.

Gratuitous Picture for a Friday Afternoon-

Yeah, sometimes things just ain't as rosy as ya think.

Bonus Friday Videos-
Diana Krall Edition.

Damn, she's good.

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