Monday, January 31, 2011

Paging Mr. Updated Resume...............

The weekend was a damn zoo in the ER. There are some particularly nasty
virus strains out there right now which are kicking ass on all ages.
That's not including the Flu Season that is now here in full force too. All that adds up to an ER that is packed up & backed up. Overcrowding is nothing new in ER's all over, but over the last 10+ years, the ER has become the go to provider of choice to more and more people.
And fewer & fewer of them either don't know what a, "True Emergency" is or choose to ignore it when it comes to their having to endure long waits prior to being treated. The overall level of civility, common courtesy and common sense declines as the wait time to be treated increases.

Those mentioned levels have been in decline for as long as I've been involved in Emergency Care, but they really go to hell when Morons with, "Moon and Stars Syndrome" are made to wait any more than 20 minutes.
"Moon and Stars Syndrome" refers to the belief of certain Moron Zombies that those celestial bodies revolve exclusively around them and that they truly are, the center of the universe and each minute they are forced to wait is a personal affront.

Full cardiac arrest in progress? Doesn't matter to them. No, it really doesn't matter to them. There are a whole lot of shitheads out there who would be perfectly happy if we quit caring for folks with Real Friggen' Emergencies as long as it decreases their time in the ER.

I not making that up. I've had them say just that when asked if I should just quit working on someone who is actively trying to die so I could take care of their minor BS. Not near enough of them respond with a sense of shame for being Dickheads and a scary percentage say, "Yes".

And sure as shit, just when you things can't get any worse, the Cops will bring in some Drunk, Drug Fueled Asshole who wants to fight with anyone who crosses their line of sight.
Every damn time.
Happened again the other night and some damn crazed Meth Head spit on me. Spitting is a universal trait among Drunks and Crazies in the ER. I have no idea why that is but I've seen it at every ER I've ever been in.
And I hate it.
And I'm pretty much over it too. I think it's time to start looking into other areas of nursing.

Life's to short to deal with these SunzaBitches any longer & it's time to start looking at other options.

"Mr. Resume, call on line 1".

Gratuitous Picture for a Monday Night-

But no matter how depressed these Zombies make me at least I have this-


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