Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Cheer Up................
Spring will be here soon.

Took a little ride on TheBigBluePlasticMotorcycle today and saw a huge black snake sunning himself out on the road. That's the first snake I've seen, so the ground must be warming up some.

Was just out in the garage having a smoke and damn if I didn't hear frogs croaking from the pond across the road! Another good sign.

, Weather wise things are looking up.
With all the rain we've gotten recently the annual flood waters are out and blocking a lot of roads and creating lakes that will be gone in a week or so. Had a couple of dry days but it started raining again a few minutes ago. Hopefully we won't get to much.

With all that rain my driveway is a damn Quicksand hazard and the mud everywhere at the compound will suck the damn boots off a ya.

That may be the only part of Spring I don't like - Mud.

I got a line on some metal roofing today for the much needed Woodshed. Cheap and maybe free. With what I have here it would be enough to make a nice sized shed. I've got all the framing material already that I scrounged 2nd hand from various places so even if I have to buy a bit of roofing it'll be a cheap build.
Which is about the only way I can build anything. It's gotta be cheap or it ain't getting done.

A little music for ya. The New Riders of the Purple Sage-

And a Stray Cats song I don't remember hearing before-

Gratuitous Picture for a Tuesday Night-


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