Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Tuesday Afternoon............
Not much to say here today. Been out cleaning things up around the compound. Lots of things that didn't get done last Fall still need to be gotten to.
The weather was great today. Still a bit chilly, but sunny and half assed warm so I'll take it and be glad.

Signs of Spring everywhere. Flowers are starting to poke their way up here and there and that's very encouraging. Won't be long now.

Since it is Tuesday Afternoon.........

I've always had a love-hate thing with the Moody Blues. Really like some of stuff and can't stand others.
It's kinda funny how they changed over the years. Their first hit was, Go Now-

From that sound to this in only a few years-

OK, this wasn't supposed to be a Moody Blues post. Just wanted to use the first song to tie things together and it got out of hand from there.
But that gives you glimpse into how my brain works and why I never get things done. Might start out with good intentions and get sidetracked onto who the hell knows what.
Oh well. It keeps things interesting.......Even if I can't find my keys and such.

Gratuitous Picture for a Tuesday Afternoon-


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