Sunday, August 14, 2011

It's All Nate's Fault..........

Low and behold, I received an email the other day from someone who actually reads the shit I post here.
That in itself is pretty unusual.

What's even more unusual is the fact that it wasn't from some batshit crazy Leftist who wants me to die in a fire because of something I wrote that, "Offended" them.
No, this was a note of encouragement!
This individual, after reading that I had to Lawyer up over a problem and then pretty much stopped posting here took the time to email me a short word of encouragement and wished me the best in the troubles that have been presenting themselves as of late.

Let me tell ya Folks, you have no idea just how much that little note meant.

No, things really ain't that bad here. So far (and I'm keeping my fingers crossed), it looks like the whole legal brouhaha may be quietly fading away. So far anyway. Time will tell.

As I explained to him, I got lazy (and depressed) and just have immersed myself in work that needs to be done around the, "GrumpyUnk Command and Control Bunker".
I've been staying away from the the news, talk radio, newspapers and the interwebs for the most part.
Well, as much as I can anyway.

I've had a big case of, The Summer Doldrums, as far as this place is concerned.
And I've been busy as hell and have gotten a shitload of things done around here lately.

I've also taken a bit of vacation (more Staycation really) and done some therapeutic motorcycle riding.
So things ain't all that bad here.

The garden has been a bust this Season. To much rain early and then none since.
The Hydraulics on my little tractor went to shit on me, the central air unit took a shit, several major appliances decided it was time to crap out ......... There's more but you get the idea. Life.

Kinda pissed me off and since I try not to be a Whiny Bastard........................

So anyway, back to the start of this post.
I just want to give, Nate a shout out of thanks for being a good guy.

There just ain't enough of those around anymore and it's nice to think that I may attract good folks like that. That in itself is very encouraging.

Thanks, Nate.

It's late Saturday night/early Sunday morning now and we had a hell of a thunderstorm go through in the last hour or so. Unfortunately, the rain seems to have stopped now. (Note- Wrong. It's a nice slow rain out there)
We could use a good slow, steady soaker.

Funny how things work though.

The rain storms we need so badly here? They kill other folks.

Sometimes shit like this makes no sense.

I saw a video clip that showed this collapse happening right before I left work a couple hours ago. I'm sure it'll be all over the interweb by morning.
Looked bad. That's all I can say.
I'll probably never understand the Yin and the Yang of things like this. Farmers here are saying prayers of thanks for this storm and others are wondering why God could allow such things to happen...

I have no idea and won't even pretend that I'm smart enough to try to answer those type of questions.
May God grant mercy and peace to all involved in tonight's storm in Indianapolis.

Some of my favorite Rain Music-

Led Zepplin.

Brook Benton.

Gotta have, The King.

Oh hell. Gotta have the Who in on this.

Gratuitous picture for a Sunday Morning-
A REAL Biker Chick in my garage-


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