Thursday, June 23, 2011

Been a busy Week..........

Have had Family here all week so I'm using that as the excuse for not getting anything up lately.

Went to the range this morning with the Father in Law and put a few rounds through the EvilBlackRifle and the PSL.

The PSL is one fun rifle to shoot.

There was a group of guys down from TheBigCity and one of them let us shoot his 300 WinMag. Damn. That thing could make a fella recoil shy pretty darn quick.
Hell of a nice set up and the scope alone probably cost more than my PSL.

Not jealous at all though. I can live without that recoil.
Sliced the shit out of my thumb shortly after that and called it a day.

Spent some time weeding the garden yesterday. Well, what there is of it. Things are not looking good out there and There's just not much to be done about it. When I'm done here I'm gonna go try to stick some beans into the mud out there and hope for the best.

The old faithful rototiller bought the farm last week. No fixing it when it cracks the case and starts puking out both the motor and drive case oil.
Oh well. I bought it used 10 years ago and got a hell of a lot of work done with it so I can't complain to much.
Soon. Maybe another week and the Peaches will be coming on.

Can't wait.

Black Berries won't be long either.

There's gonna be a ton of berries.

Continuing the Firewood job too. This pile is finished since the picture was taken and I've got a whole lot more to move and stack.

That pile there is about 18-19 feet long and 4' wide.
Judging by what I used last Winter, I've got 2 years worth cut and split now. It's nice to take a break from that chore for awhile. Well it will be when I get it all stacked.

And I better get my ass back outside and get after things or nothing is gonna get done.

Gratuitous Picture for a Thursday Afternoon-


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