Thursday, August 18, 2011

Now Isn't This Just Wonderful??????

‘Backdoor Amnesty?’ Obama Halts Automatic Deportation of Illegals

WASHINGTON (The Blaze/AP) — The Obama administration said Thursday it will allow many illegal immigrants facing deportation the chance to stay in this country and apply for a work permit, while focusing on removing from the U.S. convicted criminals and those who might be a national security or public safety threat.

That will mean a case-by-case review of approximately 300,000 illegal immigrants facing possible deportation in federal immigration courts, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said in announcing the policy change

Ain't that sweet? So much for that thing, What was it called again?? Oh yeah, The Constitution.

Damn, I have to admit that Bastard has balls. Oh well, there's no doubt that the folks over at Ace of Spades (where I saw this) are right in their assessment of this guy when they call him-

It gets a little more difficult every day to not wish for a Biblical style Case of Crotch Boils to infest him and all of his Flying Monkeys in Washington and in the media.

Oh well. I guess The Kinks were correct. It really is a "Dead End Street" anymore-

So much for dialog and disscussion about how to fix the problems. Oh wait. Who says he wants to FIX anything???

Sorry. My bad.
Sometimes I forget what his real mission is.

In the meantime, don't worry about what those 10 million illegals are doing. Pay attention to the White guys. They're the ones you have to watch.
And report on-

Talk about a self fulfilling prophecy.
This can't possibly end well.

Better be thinking about that, Kids.

Gratuitous Picture for a Thursday Night-


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