Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Over the Rainbow..............
A week or so ago, Dogboy, the youngest son, came by and I showed him this video of Tommy Emmanuel playing, Over the Rainbow-

Yesterday, the Little Shit shows up and plays me the song. Not like Tommy Emmanuel plays it of course, but a nice version of his own.
Damn, the kid needs a decent guitar.
He's got a ton of talent and could be really be good if he had a decent instrument and worked on it.
We'll have to work on getting him a decent guitar. Just NOT the way that I Got Mine!

Since we're on the topic of Guitarists and, Over the Rainbow, May as well toss in this nice Clapton version-

I put this Jeff Beck version up here before after seeing him do this song live, but damn, how can ya not show it again?

And because I'm a Giver, here's The Ramones version-

I gotta say I do like that.

Gratuitous Picture fro a Wednesday-

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