Friday, December 09, 2011

Lots of Interesting Things I missed.............

Didn't see a computer, listen to the radio, or see a TV for a few days there.
Since I don't ever watch TV, that was not unusual.

Didn't miss any of them really.

Did miss December 7th and Pearl Harbor day. I always try to mark that day here. Special thing that day.

It seems that last month, I missed the announcement that Black Sabbath was back together recording and will tour next year.
I was never a HUGE Sabbath fan, but if you grew up and were into music during that time, they were a big deal.
If you were a Stoner like me, you listened to them.

Still like this one-

Glad I missed this- Woman caught making meth inside S. Tulsa Walmart
"Tulsa police arrest a woman for mixing chemicals to make meth inside a south Tulsa Walmart on Thursday.

Elizabeth Alisha Greta Halfmoon, 45, also known to go by Alisha Halfmoon, was arrested for endeavoring to manufacture meth at the 81st and Lewis store."

Maybe that's why they call it, Dope.

Speaking of, "Bad Science"-
'Mythbusters' cannonball hits Dublin home, minivan

"(12-07) 13:11 PST DUBLIN -- One of the zany experiments staged by the "Mythbusters" television show nearly turned into a suburban tragedy Tuesday afternoon in Dublin when the crew fired a homemade cannon toward huge containers of water at the Alameda County Sheriff's Department bomb disposal range."

Whoops! Looks like it went through a couple of houses trashed a mini-van.
I dialed up, Google Earth and it looks like the cannon ball went around 1000 yards. WooHoo!!!

I'll have to tell ya my Homemade Cannon story sometime. Fortunately, not as impressive as that.
But Hey, we were only 12 or 13 years old.

Gratuitous Picture for a Friday Afternoon-


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