Saturday, December 24, 2011

Unusual Sighting Yesterday............
I'm not a Dedicated Bird Watcher by any means, but I spotted an, unknown to me, Raptor yesterday.

After about an hour of searching in my bird book and google, I'm pretty sure it was a
Mississippi Kite

It looked a bit more like an White Tailed Kite though.

"the White-tailed Kite is readily identified by its bright plumage and its habit of hovering while hunting for small mammals. "

It was indeed doing the, Hover thing and that's what made me notice it. It's not supposed to be around this area at all though according to the literature, so I doubt that's what it is.

Who Knows?
I've been watching for it again today with no luck so far.
Oh well. Beautiful bird whatever it was!

Gratuitous Picture for a Saturday-

And a bonus Tom Waits Christmas song-
H/T to MSgt B


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