Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Not This Time.............
Saw the "News" that Jon Bon Jovi had died earlier this morning and did a, "Hmmmmmmmmmm. I think I fell for this BS when Nick Gage was reported to have fallen off a cliff in New Zealand or some shit a few years ago".

Seems that the, "Once Bitten. Twice Shy." attitude pays off.
Just another hoax-

Now, I'm not a real fan of, Bon Jovi, but this gives me an intro to tell ya the story of when I met him.

Any good excuse for Blog Fodder is a good one, yes?

I was touring with John "Cougar" Mellencamp for a couple of years back about 10 years ago and got to meet, Mr Bon Jovi.

It was about a week prior to the 9-11 attacks and the band was playing in New Jersey. Like always, I was hanging around backstage keeping an eye on Jay (see the link above for background)when this long tall guy wearing a cowboy hat walked by and ducked into the office to see, Rocky.

Rocky was the Head Honcho and pretty much ran all the day to day stuff on the tour. It seems that Rocky had been, Jon Bon Jovi's tour manager and close friend for a lot of years and they were still good friends.

Rocky was running the sound board and only had a few moments to spend with him so he brought Bon Jovi over to where, Jay and I were standing, introduced us and hauled ass back to the sound board.

Here's the good news.

Jon Bon Jovi is a really nice guy. No kinda, "I'm a BIG ROCK STAR!1!1!!!" attitude at all.
Friendly as hell and engaging & he seemed to be genuinely interested in talking to Jay and I. We shot the shit for 10-15 minutes and it was a pretty interesting conversation.

Not like a lot of celebrities I met on those tours.

I could see he was paying attention to the stage the whole time so he could go out and do a song with, Mellencamp, but he never acted like it was a bother for him to hang with us.

All in all, he seemed like a right decent guy, so when I saw the fake news this morning I was hoping it was a hoax.
And I'm glad it was.

Guess we have to have an obligatory video here, 'eh?
Jeebers, check out the hair!

And since "Once Bitten. Twice Shy." was mentioned here earlier, so-

I met, Ian Hunter backstage at a Texas show, too. Another real nice guy. We sat, drank coffee and shot the shit for damn near an hour. Refreshing change from some of the other Shitheads I met. (I'm looking at you Dave Matthews.)
Oh hell, since I got off on an Ian Hunter thread, here's another song of his-

I better quit now or there's no telling where this could lead to.

Gratuitous Picture for a Tuesday Morning-


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