Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hmmmmm. Gonna Have to Start Looking for a New Blog Setup.............
I'm open for suggestions after reading this-

Google announces privacy changes across products; users can’t opt out.
"Google said Tuesday it will follow the activities of users across e-mail, search, YouTube and other services, a shift in strategy that is expected to invite greater scrutiny of its privacy and competitive practices.

The information will enable Google to develop a fuller picture of how people use its growing empire of Web sites. Consumers will have no choice but to accept the changes."

I am not overly paranoid about this sort of thing, but Google is an evil bunch of MutherHumpers and I don't trust or like the pricks any at all.

Fortunately, I don't use much Google things now- Except Blogger. So that's gonna have to change.
No clue what I should be looking into.

Like Tom Waits says- "Open for suggestions"

Yep, any advice on easy and efficient software to make it more difficult for the Pricks to follow my activities would likewise be appreciated.

Howzabout 1 more from Tom Waits?

Gratuitous Picture for a Tuesday Evening-


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