Thursday, January 19, 2012

Interesting Observation....................

Why U.S. Gun Sales Are Shooting For The Moon
"If James Anthony Bailey and P.T. Barnum had seen the Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT Show) they just might have conceded their “Greatest Show on Earth” needed more guns, sideshows and characters. Because come one, come all, the SHOT Show has no comparison on Earth and, in fact, is especially interesting this year because gun sales are breaking records."

The author never really gives a definitive answer as to just WHY firearm sales continue to soar.
He makes some good observations, but I think a lot of it is in response to folks like this-
“Free speech is not a special right."
“Free speech is not a special right,” Brison said. “There is no sound philosophical basis for giving such a right a priority when it comes in conflict with other values, such as the right to equality.”

Susan Brison is a college Professor and supposed to be a legal scholar of some kind. More and more folks are noticing that, more and more people like Ms Brison are Less and Less shy about voicing those sorts of opinions. Ms Brison is by no means a unique snowflake in her anti-Constitutional viewpoint. You really need to look no further than the White House for another, better known, Constitutional Scholar who seems to think along the same lines.

People are seeing more and more over the top enforcement of chicken shit laws and regulations too.

Like this one-
Another one in the net
".....when killer whales attacked a pod of grey whales and killed a calf. Its blubber floated to the surface, and the killer whales were about to feed on it. Seizing this opportunity to film their behaviour, Ms Black threaded ropes through some pieces of blubber, then lowered a camera underwater.

For this, Ms Black might now face up to 20 years in prison and half a million dollars in fines, after a federal grand jury indicted her this month."

Really? 20 years and a half a Million in fines??
WTF is wrong with these people?
H/t to fellow Hoosier Scumfuck Living in Babylon......

People are seeing that there's something seriously wrong with this country.
Victor Davis Hanson calls it - Civilization in Reverse
"The average Californian, like the average Greek, forgot that civilization is fragile. Its continuance requires respect for the law, tough-minded education, collective thrift, private investment, individual self-reliance, and common codes of behavior and civility -- and exempts no one from those rules. Such knowledge and patterns of civilized behavior, slowly accrued over centuries, can be lost in a single generation."

These items here are just from today's news. Everyday there's more. People are noticing and being proactive.
Maybe that's why firearms sales continue so briskly.

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