Monday, January 16, 2012

More Monday Medical News..................
From X Ray Dept.

In the Kinder, Gentler and More Sensitive world of Health Care these days, everyone is concerned with Feelings.
Maybe your Doctor won't just come right out and tell you that you're a Fat Ass Whale, but you can pretty well be sure he's thinking it if he Sends Your Big Ass to the Zoo for a CT Scan.

"NHS hospitals have resorted to asking zoos and vets to scan patients who are too obese to fit into hospital scanners.

The bizarre requests to use CT scanners, normally intended for four-legged animals, at the UK’s leading veterinary college in north London were revealed as hospitals face pressure to adapt beds and wards for an increasingly obese population."

And do you have any idea how difficult and even dangerous it is for folks who have to move people around when they get this big?
It's a no win situation for everyone.

In Other X Ray Related News-

DHS' X-ray scanners could be cancer risk to border crossers
"Internal Homeland Security documents describing specifications for border-crossing scanners, which emit gamma or X-ray radiation to probe vehicles and their occupants, are raising new health and privacy concerns, CNET has learned."

Read the whole thing and marvel again at how much Big Brother loves you.
Hyman G. Rickover would be having a fit about this.
Someone should.

Gratuitous Picture for a Monday Evening-


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