Sunday, January 15, 2012

Today's Triage Special...............
The Hygiene Deficient.

I'm sorry, but if your ass is so funky that I have to disinfect the chair you were sitting in just to clear the stink out of the air...... You Are A Nasty Bastard.
It's no damn wonder you don't feel good.
Take a Gott Damn Shower!!!

I can't even imagine what their fucking home/nest smells like. Nope. Don't want to find out either.
That was one of the specials today at the ER. Smelly Bastards.
That's a lifestyle choice I just do not understand.
There are people who live in shacks with dirt floors and no indoor plumbing around here. I could kinda understand if they have a hygiene problem. But the majority of these nasty FunkMasters are just to White Trash Lazy to clean their nasty asses before they go out in public.

Hate 'em. Just hate 'em.

Gratuitous Picture for a Late Sunday Night-


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