Friday, February 03, 2012

Friday Afternoon Around the Shack..........
I've been sitting around the GrumpyUnk Command and Control Bunker pretty much all day today.
I did get out and take the trash for a ride to the recycling/dump in the LittleBlueTruck and got the last of the Christmas shit packed up and out of the way in the garage at least.

Other than that I've been sitting around trying to deal with the pain in both my back and my belly and I finally broke down and took a pain pill which killed the pain, but also any thought of getting anymore chores done today.
Can't get much done when you can't think straight.

So I've been sitting here looking at things around the Interwebs and figured I'd share a few w/ ya-

On the Educational Front here's something that reinforces what my brother, Shop Teacher Bob has been saying for a LONG time-
Shop is Not a Four-Letter Word
Yep, someone has to be able to make things and fix shit.

With Indiana passing the Right to Work Law a couple days ago, there's been a lot of BS about just what that means. Here's an interesting article from a guy who seems to know what he's talking about-
A Former Union Thug’s Take On Right-to-Work: What’s Right & What’s Not…

Since I'm the only guy I know who got Black Balled out of a Union for not wanting to commit arson, I'm not exactly a staunch Union supporter.
It's a pretty good story with a happy ending though and I'll have to share it with ya sometime.

Quote of the Day-
'When your currency is backed by “the full faith and credit of” your government, and nothing else, and your government goes broke…your currency is not far behind. In the regular world, issuing paper money with nothing behind it is called “Counterfeiting.”....'

From an Article by Russell Longcore, How Will The American Economy Die?

It will certainly die if something isn't done to get spending under control - yesterday.
Fer sure things are not getting any better so you should be thinking about what you can be doing to help you & yours.
Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise. Whether it's Proverbs, Aesop's Fable or the Boy Scouts, having a plan and preparation still makes sense.
Got Garden???

Gratuitous Picture for a Friday Evening-


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