Friday, February 17, 2012

Thanks All and an Update...............
Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who dropped by to offer prayers and encouragement. That means a lot to me. More than you will probably ever know.
Feel free to keep the prayers going. I got a feeling that I'm gonna need em.

Went into work to get the paperwork started for any leave time I'm gonna need coming up. I am pleased to report that since that old Bastard that used to be in charge of HR retired it was much nicer experience than some of my past visits.
Funny how the whole atmosphere has changed since that prick left.
Quite refreshing.

My boss had already laid the groundwork for things and they had most everything already setup and just needing a signature.
So that was easy peesy.

Printed out a copy of the official reading of the CT scan while I was there.
Kinda scary reading that. Better in some ways. Worse in others.

Monday have a PET Scan scheduled and a Tuesday a Colonoscopy.

They'll be able to get biopsies from the colon while they are up there and that'll help figure out treatment.
From reading the CT report, it looks like they think the colon is the primary site. The bad news is there are some spots on the liver already. Not good.

The good news is, after they get the results from all this, they can formulate a treatment plan and I'll know WTF is gonna happen and when.

I may be shitting in a bag out the side of my belly by this time next week. Don't really know.
And that's kinda the hard thing right now, not knowing. Just have to wait and see I guess.

Like GI Joe says, "Knowing is half the battle".
I'll be able to get my head wrapped around things better once I have a plan.

Thanks again everyone.

Gratuitous Picture for a Friday Afternoon-

The BigBluePlasticMotorcycle at Carhenge circa 2007


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