Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Day 4. Friday 10-7....

Got the hell out of the "Motel Hell" before daylight and headed North. Didn't much care where I was going. Figured I had all day to get to London, KY. Weather was sucking. Cool and sorta raining.

Rode Northeast from Clarksville and headed to KY. Stopped for breakfast in, don't quote me here, Middleton, KY. Might have been Russelville. Either way, breakfast there almost made up for the nasty room the night before. Almost. 1 breakfast cannot be that good.

Spent the whole day ambling along looking for good roads and hoping it was gonna dry up. I found nothing but good roads, but it didn't dry up much. It didn't get any worse though. It even quit raining once in a while.

I noticed something peculiar about the way KY marks it's roads. You may be looking for an intersection, fine, not to hard. When you get to it. It'll have arrows going both ways.... but no direction is noted. This shit can get confusing on roads that turn all different ways and not having any Sun because of the cloud cover. I'm pretty good about orienting myself directionally, but it caused me grief once. Being one who doesn't like to turn around for much of anything, I generally keep going and figure an alternate route if I get screwed up. only had to reboot once. I found myself heading back into TN. That normally wouldn't be a problem but I was still maintaining a semi-stiffy about the "Motel Hell" and didn't want to see any more of TN for a day or so. I had to backtrack about 10 miles and find the road I missed. It wasn't marked, so I didn't feel too bad about missing it.

Rode all day in the mist and rain to London, KY and found a GOOD, CLEAN, SAFE, CHEAP, motel to stay in. WooHoo! Big Family get together tomorrow!

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