Monday, February 06, 2006

I'm Happy to See the Senate Hearings Begin.........

One of the items that has undone my normal, happy, quiet and sublime self lately, is the NSA surveillance Program Bullshit. And Bullshit is exactly what it is.
The Friggin' NY Times back in December ( and now the Washington Post, as of yesterday) decided that Terrorists plotting to kill United States Citizens deserve some sort of special protections in their planning and operations relating to signals intelligence. In other words, Al Queda and their associates should be free from government eavesdropping on their planning and communications. All of the Loyal Opposition in the Democratic party joined in on this one to decry the Evil Bushitler and his "Domestic Spying Program" and have continued making the case that the President does not have these powers, it's unconstitutional, needs more warrants, he didn't keep us informed, yada, fucking yada, etc, etc.

Not a fucking word from any of them on any suggestions that would be a better alternative. Hell no. Nobody has gotten up and addressed the idea that, just maybe, they could pass some legislation that would address these concerns in a meaningful way, while continuing to thwart the terrorists, ensure the safety of our citizens (and their constituents).
OH hell no. The only thing you see is that Fat Fucktard, Teddy Kennedy, bloviating about "Spying on our citizens", Patrick Leahy, damn near crying over his concern for his Quaker friends being spied on with this horrible "Domestic Spying Program".

Right. Check. Got it .................... No. Wait a minute. I don't get it.

DOMESTIC SPYING PROGRAM. Think about that a minute. Domestic implies that this operation is being conducted within the borders of the U.S. exclusively. The Fucking NYTimes, All the Fucking Democrats and the rest of the Leftist, Commie, corksoakers, know that this claim is Total Fucking Bullshit. It's another lie to sway the opinions of people who aren't paying attention or get their news exclusively from the major, mainstream media.

This program has been explained in detail a million times. These are calls coming into the US or going out of the US between suspected operatives and agents of Terror. Simple. Unless Aunt Sally and her Quaker friends have been getting calls from Afghanistan or some such from Ali the Bomb Maker, they're not being monitored. Period.

Now of course, The Fucking NYTimes has now alerted all these terrorist assholes as to WTF is going on and we're gonna have to adapt a program that was working fine and has caught terrorists in this country already. Fucking Traitors.

That's why I'm happy to see these hearings start. I'm looking forward to seeing how the Fucking NYTimes reacts to all this in respect to how it reacted to the Plame leaks. Should be fun and with a little luck, The Sedition Act can be pulled out and dusted off. It would be nice to see a few of these treasonous bitches tossed in the Hoosgow for awhile. A rope would be better, but that's not likely to happen.

Where were these Sons-a-bitches when THIS occurred anyway?

I just Have to wonder, whose side are these Bastards on, anyway? Oh Yeah, Is it ok to question their patriotism yet?

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