Thursday, April 06, 2006

I Have Been a Busy Boy ......
You should be proud of me. No, Really!

Soooooooo much going on here lately, I don't know where to start. OK, maybe I do.
First and best. I worked my last scheduled night shift last Sunday!!! I've been on nights for 10 of the last 12 years. I had a couple of years on days about 6 years ago, but then I pissed off the boss and had to go find another place to work. Shit happens, they ended up firing the Bitch, but I had to go back on nights somewhere else.
Now I've got both jobs (I work part time too) lined up so I'm working 11am -11pm. The new schedule is Saturday and Sunday at the full time job and every Tuesday at the part timer. All on the new schedule. I worked the 11-11, Tuesday and come Wednesday morning, I felt like a million bucks. Lord, it's nice to sleep at night again.

I've felt so damn good I've been working like a fool around here. Cleaned up the garage and went down and helped a friend in the afternoon, Wednesday. Did a half-assed cleanup on the barn today. Started tearing down the brakes on the Big Blue Plastic Kawasaki this afternoon, but found that I'm gonna need to rebuild the calipers. Spent awhile looking for parts and getting sticker shock, till I remembered to check Murph, at Murph's Parts (see links). Saved myself about $175 over Kawasaki. So I bought a new set of Allen head screws for the fairing and still saved over $100.

Monday night, I went to a guitar clinic. I'll tell ya about that later. It's about time for bed.

At night.

With my Wife.

HA!! Life is good.

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