Friday, April 07, 2006

Yep, I'm a Happy Camper!!!

I'm seriously doing things. I've gotten a bunch of "Honey-Do's" done today already.

Bought an AWESOME new horn for the Connie this morning. Check this Baby out:

139 Decibels of rich, ear shattering, goodness. Oh, it's great. Only $35.00 + shipping. God loves us.

I'm heading out to the garage to start tearing down the Calipers on the Connie. Murph will have the parts here by Monday or Tuesday, because his service is just all that and more. So when I get time next week, I'll be ready to finish the job. I'm gonna miss a couple of days riding with this delay, but what the hell. Connie deserves her maintenance.

Looking at the brake pads, it appears that the pistons have been sticking for awhile. One pad (The easy one to see) looks pretty good, but the inner pad was worn down to a nub. Lucky I looked closer or I'd be buying rotors too. See, more reason to be happy!

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