Sunday, September 17, 2006

Except for the Paperwork, It's All Over Now........

Well, yesterday was the Auction of all of Moms shit. Everything. House included. I feel like a big weight has been lifted from me. I was so tired last night I hit the sack about 20:45 (That's 8:45 pm for you non-military types).

I'd been worried that no one would make a decent offer on the house and I'd have to dick around for months trying to sell it. Not to worry. The bidding went over and above what we were willing to settle for, so that's taking care of.

YerUnk is much relieved.

Now to get all the legal shit squared away and make sure the accountant gets Uncle Sam's Tax Monster fed, and all will be well. We might get this all wrapped up by years end.

Mom lost all her tax info and didn't get her '06 taxes done. I filed an extension for her and was in the process of locating all the paperwork when she died. So, '06 taxes to finish and whatever for this year and we should be looking good.

Oh yeah, I got a letter awhile back from the IRS. Never a good sign, right? Right. Seems that Mom had made a mistake on her '05 return. Arrrrrrrgh! Rita, the accountant and "Goddess of Numbers and All Things Taxable" figured it out right away and I sent checks to the Feds and State Tax Demons that will, hopefully, satiate their needs for now.

Bastards. I wouldn't mind paying taxes if the pricks didn't waste so damn much of it.

But that's a topic for a whole bunch of rants and I'm gonna just end this crap with a hearty sigh of relief.

OK. Maybe not. I'd wanted to take a few pics of the whole affair but alas, Dogboy, still hasn't returned my camera.

So instead I'm gonna link to an audio of Steve Goodman singing about Auctioneers. - Enjoy!

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