Monday, September 04, 2006

Speaking of Anniversaries .............

Five years coming next week. 9-11-01

Five years. It seems like a long time ago. And it seems like only yesterday.

Amazing to see how things have changed.
From - "We are all Americans" to "We are all Hezbollah"

Mike at Cold Fury had an interesting link to This story from Esquire Magazine a few years ago. I had read it then and I re-read it again today. A powerful piece about this picture of one of the jumpers that morning. I remember watching CNN that morning on the tour bus and seeing them go from the upper floors.

Disturbing photo, that one is.

It should be, it's a very powerful image.

To many refuse to acknowledge that people were forced to choose between Fire or Flight that day.
Acknowledge it. Remember it.

Fire or Flight. Not much of a choice.

Five years.
My anger has not subsided.

I remember when there were no airplanes in the sky

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