Thursday, November 02, 2006

Cold Weather Gloves ....................

Fall is here and winter is coming on strong.
A pair of good, warm gloves, are a must have item for anyone who wants to extend his riding season.
I rode around all last winter with cold hands and was determined to get a decent pair of gloves before cold weather really set in.

My biggest problem when making purchases like this is that I'm too cheap to just go out and buy the expensive item I know will work right off the bat. It's a curse and I always end up spending more time and money than I need to on things. So when I recieved an email notification from New Enough Leathers advertising gloves for sale, I immediately went over to their site and looked. I have purchased multiple items from them in the past and have had great service and no complaints about any products.

Here's what I bought. The Joe Rocket Blizzard Glove. I ordered them Monday and they showed up today. That's impressive. Good comfortable fit, and a wiper on each thumb for cleaning your face shield. The part I like best? A slick drawstring on the gauntlet for tightening them up to prevent air or water leaks.

Being as it was sunny and mid 40's outside, I decided to give 'em a test ride. They are very comfortable to wear and ride with. Not too bulky and the palms don't slide all over the grips.
The first 1/2 of the ride the temps were around 45 degrees and the gloves were just fine. Later in the afternoon as the sun was going down, the tempurature started dropping.

About the time the temp hit 40 degrees is when I decided that these would be better advertised as "Cool weather gloves". It was 38 degrees when I got home and after an hour of Interstate speeds at temps of 40 or below, my hands were no longer comfortable. Not freezing cold, but definately not comfortable.

Later, I filled the sink with water and with the gloves on, held my hands in the water for one full minute and they were still dry when I pulled them out. So it's a pretty safe bet they will keep you dry in the rain.

Overall impression? A good low cost pair of Cool Weather gloves. I don't feel bad about buying them as they fill a need for me. Just don't expect them to be Cold Weather gloves.

I'm probably going to end up buying These For when the temps get down below 40 degrees. Pricey, but I'm sure they'll do the job. I own several pair of Tour Master gloves already and really like them.

OK. There you have it, kids. Along with a gratuitous, Phil Read photo.


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