Friday, November 10, 2006

Since I'm on a Military Trend Here Today .......
(and Stealing pictures left and right from SondraK.)

I should note an article at her place from an active duty soldier. This gives you a pretty good idea of how The Troops Doing the Fighting feel about Tuesday's election results.

Makes me feel pretty bad for them. Those of you who have never served yourself or have not had a close friend or relative in the Armed Forces maybe won't understand.

I understand completely.

Despite all you have heard from the lying ass media, retention has been not been that much of a problem. If we kick the props out from under these guys, it's gonna be. We'll have some long term ramifications that will not be good for any of us too.

I suppose Charlie Rangel (asshole, New York) will be happy if he gets to bring back the draft. My guess is he'll not want people to remember him talking that shit in a few years. Just a guess, but we'll see.

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