Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Random Thoughts on a Wednesday Morning ........

The Elections are over, Thank G-d. - Well, except for the wailing and the gnashing of teeth. Sackcloth and ashes by some, gloating and revenge planning by others. The Stupid Party got their asses handed to them yesterday. No surprise there. I'm sure the Republic will survive and I'm not gonna get all worn out crying about what should have been, etc, etc. They got what they deserve and as much as I hate to see the Evil Party in charge of things, life will go on.

The good news? No more friggin' campaign advertising on the airwaves for 2 years. Jeebus, I'm sick of that shit.

ER News - I got to use one of my favorite lines yesterday. It's great to be able to inform a young Zombie Gurl on why she's been so nauseated every morning - "You have sperm poisoning, Honey".

Makes me all warm and fuzzy inside when I get to use that one. Even though we'll all have to work overtime to pay for the care and feeding of this newest Zombie Kid till we all die.

ManCamp is Tonight - I shamelessly stole the name, "ManCamp" from SteveH at Hog on Ice. I suppose I ought to have asked him about that, but somehow I doubt he'll give a shit. If you're not reading him though, you should. He's a funny guy.

ManCamp essentially consists of a bunch of my Manly, Male Nurse Co-workers from the ER getting together and cooking meat, drinking beer, spitting, telling lies, farting, sitting around the campfire and playing guitar. You know, Manly things. Or basic Dumbass Guy Shit, depending on your point of view if you have an estrogen overload.

I suppose It's about perspective. Or a Breasticles vs Testicles thought processing thing. Whatever. It's good for my mental hygiene, sort of a "Mental Massingill", if you will.

I'm gonna have to go find my Fartsack (sleeping bag for you non-military types) and put together some side dishes to go with the meat. I'll hit the Beer Store on the way out there. It is Way Out There, too. A nice little log cabin on a lake out in the hinterlands of Flyover country.

Bridge stuff - Found a nice database of Covered Bridge stuff Here, that'll make planning a bit easier on the next roadtrip day. It's not like I need much of a reason to get out and go on the Motorcycle, but the Bridges make for a good excuse as any.

OK. That's it for now. I've got shit to do.

Gratuitous funny pic for you.

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