Sunday, February 25, 2007

Indy Motorcycle Show Yesterday ........

As hard as this may be to believe ....... I actually left the house and went out and did something fun yesterday. Yes, it took awhile to break the seal that has formed, between my ass and this chair over the last few weeks, but the Dremel Tool with a cutting blade helped considerably.

Dr J drove his big SUV and that turned out to be a good thing. More on that later.

We first went to The Guitar Center . Oh Lordy, it is not good for me to go to this place. Dr. J traded a nice guitar and amp for one of these-

Yesssss Precioussssss. We wants it.

Oh hell yes. I want a Taylor.
I have no real reason to need one. My cheapo ass guitar still works ok (World Famous "How Not to Acquire a Guitar" story here.) so I can't really convince myself to spend the $$$ for one.

I thought about just killing him and taking it. But only for a few minutes. That shows you what a good guy I am.

As we left the Guitar Center it started to rain. And in no time, the rain started to develop a "Body by Jake" as in, it became little ice balls. Not good, but we drove on over to the Bike show as the weather got progressively worse.

I didn't really want to go to the Bike Show as much as I wanted to meet some of the fellas from Indy Chapter of The TonUp Club that I knew were gonna be there.

I've been hangin' around The TonUp Forum online for a couple of years and have only met a few of these guys at Mid Ohio last year.

It seems that some of these guys belong to Indy Vintage Motorcycle. And they had a nice display of bikes there. Go check out that link and you'll see a couple of the bikes that were at the show.

I did have my camera with me. And I totally forgot to get any pics. DOH!

So I'll swipe these 2 from their site that were at the show-

Sweet 850 Norton

A Nice Bultaco Astro. Very similar to the Alpina I had.

Bigger pics HERE.

The overall show wasn't near as impressive as I'd hoped. Lots of Choppers and Leather accessories for the most part. But there was a really good crowd and that may help convince more dealers, etc to come out in the future.

I had a hell of a good time anyway. And it was very nice to meet the Indy Boys that were there. Hope I can get up there more often.

The weather had totally gone downhill while we were in the show. The freezing rain turned to snow and the roads were slicker than Goose Shit.

Of course, nobody wanted to slow down and be sensible, so there were wrecks all over the place. Took an extra 2 hours to get home. Dr J's Big Ass SUV came in handy and we made it home safe.

All in all, a very good day.


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