Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Rumors of My Demise ..............
Have been greatly exaggerated.

My apologies to Mr. Twain.

No, I'm still here for now. Took the "Lovely and Talented, Queen Buffness" to the airport today and she is winging her way to the Sunny Climate of Florida as I type this. She claims she is visiting her friend, Sheri. I suspect Pablo the Cabana Boy. Either way, I'm still here with the dogs and Dogboy.

The hand is better. No narcs needed for 3-4 days. Range of motion is improving.

New Linkage - We have a new member on the linkage. Check out, Mauser Girl. Yeah, Mauser as in rifle. If Queen Buffness runs off with Pablo, I'm going looking for this Girl.

Check this photo out -

WWII tank pulled from a pond. Wait! As if that's not cool enough. Surprise ending!!
Check out the story at Kim DuToit. Really cool story and worth the look.

Random thought for the day. Every 15 minutes the radio news are screaming about how the Brits are pulling 1600 troops out this year. That's 1600 of 7000+ total. The media folks are making it sound like the end of the world for GWBush. And that the loss of 1600 Tommy's is gonna' make a HUGE defeat inevitable.

OK, then why the shitstorm about sending "The Surge" troops over there.

Doh!! Sorry, I forgot the Media and the Democrats are too heavily invested in defeat now, to have it any other way.

I haven't commented on any that shit for awhile. But if you think Jack F*cking Murtha is trying to "Support the Troops", you need your ass kicked too.



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