Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Loyal Opposition .............
Let me say this up front. If you don't approve of the Iraq War, that's fine. That's your right and your choice. I may not agree with you, but I'm ok with you making that decision. It's not my fault you're an asshole, but you go right ahead. And yes, I question your patriotism.

But you should be aware of just who it is you associate with and just who it is that are organizing and funding the anti-war movement.

With that in mind, here's a few links and pictures of "The Loyal Opposition".

Let's start with Professor Schlong, who provides us with this picture from Portland last weekend -

Why Yes, that is Old Glory, he's taking a shit upon.

Yes, I'm sure the crosshairs were added by Roger, in a moment of wishful thinking. Understandable.

Next up, we have Mr. Smash, who went to Washington, DC last weekend and slipped in with protesters. Not only does he report on this event, He has some very good background info on many of the Major Players in The Anti-War Movement. His 4 part report is required reading. As SondraK would say - "Knowledge is Power".
You really SHOULD know this background info.

He also introduces us to this asshole -

Charming SOB, ain't he?
But hey, he's got some pics of the good guys too. Protecting The Wall -

But, for big time crazy shit, you have to go West. And Nobody covers the Moonbats better than Zombietime.

There's just a special kind of crazy out West -

Nothing says "I'm a serious, Player" like an inflated scrotum.

There's a zillion more examples at Zombie Time. Worth the time to go and look around. Even if you're just looking for laughs-

I have no idea either.

These are more of the Portland patriots. I have no problem questioning their patriotism-

This last one? Not sure where this comes from, but I think bad thoughts every time I see it -

These are the folks that are driving the anti-war, short bus. Yeah, if you want to be associated with them, fine.

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