Thursday, March 22, 2007

Yeah, I'm a Nurse. What About It ??????

I get shit from patients all the time about being a "Male Nurse". Like there's sumpin' wrong with a guy being a nurse.

My standard reply is, "It takes a REAL MAN to be be a nurse and I'm not confused about my manhood. You ever heard of the term, projection?"

Not everyone can be in the NFL, ya know.

Sometimes it's fun to mess with peoples heads, though. I can do a pretty good, "Swish walk" when I want to. Do the whole, exaggerated hand movement thing and add a little lisp. Usually, all it takes is a "I'm sorry you can't provide the doctor with a urine sample. I'll be back in in a few moments with a large, latex tube, which I will be stuffing into the end of your penis. No, really. I'm Unk and I'll be holding your penis tonight."
Give 'em a wink and tell 'em I'll be right back to put that catheter in.

Shuts most of 'em up pretty quick.

Anyway, I stopped and saw my friend Jerry yesterday. And I've been remiss in not having his site on the links here. He has a web magazine just for Male Nurses. Male Nurse Magazine.

So, I'll get that fixed.

While I'm thinking of things I should be linking to............DAZD clued me in on the new Indiana Patriot Guard Blog

The PGR is a wonderful bunch of folks. Please consider becoming a member.

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