Saturday, April 07, 2007

Back Home Again, In Indiana ................

Actually, I got back Thursday evening, but I've been to busy (or lazy) to hit this place.
I cut the grass in the front half of the compound yesterday. And an hour latter it snowed. WTF? Can't understand why folks think it's boring here in the Midwest.

My roadtrip, was a run over to my younger brothers place, for a little R&R.

We had a big time.

He gave me the "How to break down your SKS properly, so you can clean it right. Dumbass." instructions.

We did some range time with the rifles and pistols.

And he gave me a bit of instruction on reloading to go with, a mostly complete reloader setup. Similar to this one-
Still need a few odds and ends, some of which I got when we went shopping.
We did a lot of screwin' around, laughing, tellin' lies, drinking coffee and just generally fartin' around.
I taught him a few things for his computer that I hope doesn't get him in trouble.
A good time was had by all. The new little blue truck did just fine on the trip. No surprises.
Ok, I gotta go.
Off to the ER to "Save Lives. Stamp out Disease and Pestilence. And raise the standard of Living, if not the dead."

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