Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Fred Phelps Family Circus ........
Takes it in the shorts to the tune of $2.9 Million.
Oh, and $8 Million more in punitive, or in this case, "Painful Rectal Itch to Society" damages.

This is indeed good news.

For any of you who are unaware just who these despicable pricks are? They're the Sonzabitches who "Protest" at the funerals of our Fallen Soldiers this way -

I read this good news last night at Ace of Spades

Check out this CNN phone interview. Fred goes Bat Shit. -

I've mentioned the Phelps Family Circus here before and became a member of the Patriot Guard Riders because of what they do.

I first became aware of these assclowns about 10 years ago when they were doing their "G-d Hates Fags" thing here in Southern Indiana. No, I don't know why they were here, but they spent a couple of weekends around this area. I made the mistake of trying to rationally engage Fred's daughter, Shirley, about what they were doing. Bad move on my part. The whole bunch of them swooped in around me and started yelling at me from all directions. I seriously thought I was gonna have to start busting heads just to get away from them. I've been told that they sue the shit out of anyone who touches them and that's how they finance their operation.

They would have been disappointed trying to get much from me. Maybe I should have thumped one of them, eh?
I really am surprised that no one has put a bullet into any of these shitheads.

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