Friday, October 19, 2007

Cool Weapons/GunPorn Linkage ......
Who the hell wouldn't want one of these?

A magazine fed 20MM rifle! WooHoo!!

Brought to you via Anzio Ironworks Corp.

Look at the size of the round this thing shoots -

No, I have no idea what the hell you'd do with thing, but who gives a shit. Some things are just worth it for their cool points alone.

Maybe you need something for the wife and /or children?
This is the place -

Here's a little something special for that young lady in your household -

"The Glambo Signature Series "My Little Pony" M4A1 carbine with forward handgrip and AN-PVS4 night vision sight. The perfect way to introduce your little princess to the wonders of nocturnal wet-work!
A bargain at only $859.95!

It even has a Nightvision scope! My Daughter would love one of these. Shit, I'd buy one of these for myself and never hesitate to take it to the range.

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