Monday, March 03, 2008

DogBoy. Man of Action!!!

DogBoy, is the youngest of the Unk offspring. (Though he looks remarkably like my friend Mitch. Hmmm.)

No matter. As my former Platoon Sergeant always said, "The longer you feed 'em. The more they look like you."

Anyway, DogBoy was in Bloomington the other night visiting some his, chucklehead Friends and saw that the house down the block was on fire.

He and his buddy ran down there and couldn't awaken the occupants by banging on the back door or windows. (The front of the house was totally burning already).

DogBoy picked up a concrete block and broke in the back door and found 2 young folks sound asleep in the house and got them and their 2 pets out safely.

The other fella had called 911 and the firemen showed up soon after and put the fire out. Lots of damage but thanks to the Boy , no TV news reporting on fatalities.

He said the smoke inside was already down to about 3 - 4" from the floor already and choked the hell out of him.

Total Hero stuff & I'm proud of him.

It reinforces my theory that regular beatings teach children to be responsible.
Plus they don't grow up to look like this Dickhead.


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