Sunday, July 06, 2008

What the Hell is it with Kamikaze Bugs and Me????

Damn, seems like every time I turn around a damn bug is Trying to kill my ass!

Tonight was no exception.

It's a Holiday Weekend. So therefore, the ER is a friggin' madhouse. Drunks, Drug Seeking Zombies, Depressed Women with belly pain, the lonely, the crazy and the lovelorn. Along with a zillion Gomers who have had problems they've been dealing with since 1972 but NEED to be seen for it RIGHT NOW!

About 8-9 hours into the shift I decide I gotta go violate the company No Smoking Policy. I know that lunch ain't gonna happen so a 10 minute smoke break is gonna have to suffice.

I duck out the back door and take about 3 steps ... WHEN A FRIGGIN' INSECT FLIES INTO MY EAR!!!!!
Not, lands on my ear. No. This bastard dove full speed all the way to my eardrum and then proceeded to pound his wings on it like Ginger Baker on crack.

That shit feels weird and not at all good.

I regained my composure and decided that, yes this shit is uncomfortable as hell, BUT, this is the only time I'm gonna get a smoke all night. So I sucked it up and dodged out to my smoke spot and rushed it.

Didn't matter that we were all busy as hell, when I announced that I had a bug stuck inside my ear, all work stopped and they all had to laugh about it. And wanted to look. Even the Doc.

That, my friends, is teamwork.

Doesn't matter how shitty things are going, you can ALWAYS take time to laugh at your coworker.
I, of course took it graciously as I begged them to stop laughing long enough to help me get the Sumbitch out of there. Which they did.

Friggin' Bugs hate me. But shit like that will help raise the morale during a crappy shift.
Just doing my part.

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