Thursday, March 19, 2009

Garden Chores .......
Getting them done. Time to get busy.

I planted all of the new trees yesterday and today. Realized I should have ordered a few more of some things. I have a good mix now of Apples, peaches, cherries and plums, but need at least one more apricot and pear. I like to have at least 2 of each kind.

I'm gonna have a regular orchard around here before to long.

The trees seemed to be ok. They weren't supposed to be shipped till April, but came in the 2nd week of February instead. I don't like to complain about fast service, but that was not really ideal, since the ground was frozen as hard a Wedding Pecker.

They seem to have done ok though. Most of them had new growth started. The Pecan trees I'm not so sure about as they just looked like dead sticks.

We'll see. This stuff will fool you and I have no experience with Pecans.

Transplanted some stuff to the HoopHouse today and planted some more seed inside. The lettuce is coming up already and I'm happy for that.

TherapyBoy helped me top off the beds that needed a bit more dirt in them today. That's shovel work that I appreciate.

My back gets pretty sore running a shovel, pretty quick. Good work on his part.

I've got a couple of Top Bar Bee Hives I built out in the barn that I'm thinking need to be finished and stocked with Bees. Amazing since I was deathly afraid of Bees for years. Not worried about them at all now.

Funny how things change, eh?

Still waiting for my Taters to arrive. I should have gotten some Strawberries but forgot to order any. DUH. I suppose that can be fixed easy enough. The Interwebz are a great thing.

OK. That's it for tonight. Spring is here kids.

Remember what my buddy Jerry says - " Life is good. All ya gotta do is live it".

Cool BSA Flat Tracker picture for ya. Because that has a lot to do with gardening.

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