Friday, March 27, 2009

TGIF .........
I'm glad this week is over. Way to much going on.

All things considered it's turned out pretty well.

With the GrumpyWife in the hospital Monday, I was fortunate to enlist a coworker, the lovely and talented Emily, to assist me on my trip to the surgeon for the Bionic Eye.

Big thank you, Emily. Don't know what I'd have done.

The wife had to go to the Big City Hospital yesterday for a Cardiac Cath proceedure.

Good News and Bad News.
Good News - Her arteries are clean as a whistle.
Bad News - I'm probably stuck with her for awhile longer.

OK, that's not really bad.

The Bionic Eye is taking a bit of getting used to, but all's well and my vision is getting better everyday.
Hopefully I won't have trouble at work this weekend like I did Wednesday. I doubt it will be a problem.

My Buddy Jerry went to an auction last Friday and picked up a slew of Guinea hen babies (known as Keets) and I went and picked them up this afternoon.

There's 10 of the little buggers on the kitchen cabinet now, making little Keet noises.

They are quite cute when they're little, but they get pretty ugly as adults.

But I like 'em. They're fun to watch as they move around the place.
They also eat Ticks like machines. So if you have a lot of Ticks, get Guineas.
They're noisy as hell and squawk all day, but I like that too.

He also sent me home with a 6 pack of his homebrew beer!
Oh hell yes.
Can't complain about that.

Gratuitous Friday Picture -
Summer Job you may not have thought about.


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