Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday Afternoon......
Here's a quick update.

The good QueenBuffness is home at the Bunker and doing well. Thanks for the well wishes.

My surgery went ok and I'm stumbling around trying to get accustomed to the new Bionic lens in my eye.

Pretty amazing really.

I did something this morning that I have never before done in my life.
I went in and bought a cheap pair of sunglasses and wore them out of the store. I've had glasses since I was in the first grade and have never just bought a pair of shades before.

I can't see shit within 3 feet right now, though that will get better as things settle in. I'm gonna need reading glasses of some kind. They gave me a pair this morning after my follow up exam and they help with close work.
In about a month I'll be able to get some reading bifocals to put in my old frames and whatnot.

What little I've done today is mostly garden stuff.

Planted peas and some more spinach.
Transplanted some more tomatoes out to the HoopHouse and a couple into the outdoor Wall-o-Waters. It's still a bit early for them even, but I'm counting on Al Gore's global warming to keep everything ok.

Transplanted a few raspberry plants to some new spots.

Made sure all of the newly planted trees, grapes and berries had a bit of water and cleaned and prepped a couple more beds.

Not a heck of a lot, but This eye is taking a bit of getting used to and I just don't feel like doing much. So I won't.

Gonna try to work tomorrow. That may be interesting. We'll see how it goes.

Gratuitous Picture Today is a Public Service Announcement -

In case you ever wondered why these Salmonella outbreaks keep occurring. Seems that the USDA has it figured out.


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