Monday, May 18, 2009

Death in the Long Grass......
If memory serves me correctly, that was the title of a book by a guy named, Capstick. I could be wrong on the author, but it's not important enough to google up right now.

What made me think of that book, read long ago was an incident this morning.
I let the dogs out to do there doogie thing and was standing in the garage smoking when they all got stupid at once and started running around in a fashion that told me something was up.

Sure enough, Pete the Gay Boxer had caught a small rabbit and was in the process of chewing the shit out of it and trying to keep the other 3 dogs from sharing it with him.

By the time I got over there and got the little bugger free from the dog he was already displaying the "Universal Movie Sign of Impending Death".
Meaning there was blood coming from his mouth and nose.

In the movies, nobody survives any serious injury once they start having bleeding from the mouth and nose no matter how loud or long their buddies yell at them to "Hang in there. Stay with me, etc."

Just the way it works and in the case of the little bunny it proved a reliable indicator once again. He died in a few minutes while I held him.

Proving once again that life isn't like a Disney movie and that the only un-natural death in nature is to die of old age.

No, I wasn't yelling for him to "Stay with me, Bugs!" either.

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