Monday, August 31, 2009

MotoGP Weekend .......

In a word - Great!!

The folks at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway really know how to organize an event. Granted, they've had 100 years to get it down right. They have everything figured out & a shitload of help. You can't go 10 feet w/o seeing someone in a yellow shirt. Got a question? Just ask. I really appreciated it when it came to parking. I got to park up on the main track between turns 1 and 2. That was kinda cool. They handed out kickstand pads to every rider, everyday so I ended up with 3 of them for souvenirs.
I'm gonna send one to Surly.

Unlike last year, I rode TheBigBluePlasticMotorcycle to the race.
It rained Friday, but unlike some other pussy racing sports, these guys run in the rain or shine. I did the big walk around Friday looking at all the vendors, manufacturers, bikes and Pit/Paddock/sales Girls -

The rainy practice was cool and these guys still rode fast. It amazes me how fast they can go in the rain.

Here's Valentino Rossi, current champion and one of the best racers ever getting after it in practice Friday-

He crashed out of the Race Sunday. Tough luck, but he wasn't the only one.

Saturday's weather was better and qualifying in all the classes was a blast to watch.

The 125 and 250 classes are as fun to watch as the Big Boys in the 800 class.

All 3 races Sunday were great. This is just a great event and if you live in the Midwest and like motorcycles, you should make a point to come watch this next year.

Here's a couple of random pics-
The parking area was full of cool shit. Like this one-

Shitload of Repsol Replicas

These are crazy looking and probably fun to ride.

Way cool Blown HD

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