Wednesday, September 23, 2009

This is Just Nutz ......

ER nurse sues cop for handcuffing her during dispute over drawing suspect's blood

"A head emergency room nurse at Advocate Illinois Masonic Hospital has sued the city and a Chicago Police officer for handcuffing her and putting her in the back of a squad car during a dispute over drawing blood from a suspected drunken driver".

Hard for me to imagine this happening.
There is a very tight relationship between ER, EMS and Law Officers. We all have to work together and we count on each other for back up when the shit goes bad.

I can guarantee this wouldn't happen in a small town like I live in. Cops know that we in the ER are the ones that will be there for them if something ever happens to them out on the street.

We know that when we need them they will be there for us.

It's all good as and it should be.

This AssMonkey better hope he doesn't get taken to that specific ER if he's ever in need of help.
And all because he had to exercise his authority.

What a shithead.

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