Thursday, September 03, 2009

Town Hall Meeting .....
I went to a town hall meeting in Bloomington yesterday evening.

Other than the nice motorcycle ride over there, it was a great waste of time.

My Congressman, Baron Hill was there basically as a salesman for this mess. Being that this was Bloomington, home of Indiana University, the crowd consisted of a fair number of folks who support this notion of State Control over another aspect of your life.

Surprisingly, there were a pretty fair number who oppose this idea of the takeover of another area of our economy and our individual freedom.

Good for them.

Like I said, Baron was making a sales pitch for this thing and pretty much said he'll vote for anything that comes down the pike. No. He didn't use those words. He's much more eloquent than that. But his submissiveness to those who had real questions and concerns made it pretty obvious that he's all for some sort of - sounded like any sort - of health care takeover.

One of the things about the meeting that I and apparently others found odd was that video recording was forbidden.

He was asked about this by one fellow and as it was only a part of his staement/question, Mr Hill sort of blew it off with a short, " My Meeting. My Rules" type of answer.
A young girl, (high school age maybe?) asked again about it as she had planned to video and use it for a class project of some kind. She was rather outspoken and pressed him on the issue.

He responded rather forcefully (As some of the crowd was obviously delighted by this girl) again that - "This is MY town hall meeting & I set the rules". He repeated this shit a couple of times and a lot of folks were clearly unhappy with that answer.

His reasoning was that "Video get's put on YouTube and edited so as to show me in an unfavrable way". That went over big.

He kept a pretty tight control over things, which wasn't a bad thing and I'll give him credit that he shushed the crowd, right or left and made sure the questioners were able to speak.

Wasn't real impressed of his constant reference to "A Jerry Springer town hall" every time the crowd started to get loud. This is a serious subject and people want to be able to express there displeasure to the idea of ANOTHER government takeover of and area of life they have no business in.

I left about 5 minutes before it was scheduled to end as I'd heard enough of his Bullshit and sales pitch.
If he's a supposed, Blue Dog Democrat, he didn't sound like it to me. He sounded more like, Billy Mays selling Oxyclean than someone wishing to hear what his constituents had to say.

So I call Bullshit on Mr Hill's "Blue Dog" status. He's all in with this and we can tell where his vote is gonna go.

A pox on him and the rest of these Statist bastards.

Gratuitous Picture for a Thursday Morning-
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