Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Do I Have to Draw You a Picture?????

Well no. These Guys Already Did

Simple and direct. Which is the best way I suppose.

Any law that the Government passes contains the threat of force so you will comply with it.

That's the way it is. Just understood.
Don't believe me? Try not paying your taxes and see who shows up to enforce that law. Armed officers. Go ahead and resist them and see if they won't go the whole nine yards with you.

So someone please show me the part in the Constitution where the State can FORCE me to buy a commodity. In this case health insurance or face fines and prison time.

Again, what happens if I decide I don't want to participate? Oh yeah. Armed men will come and force me to.

Thomas Jefferson was right. We need a revolution every now and then to keep these assholes on the up and up.

It's almost like they WANT to start something.

Hat Tip- Robb Allen

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