Friday, November 06, 2009

Friday Night and All is Well......
Yesterday was a Range Day. My buddy and I spent 3-4 hours out at the range making holes in paper and having a good time.

I shot reasonably well. Not great, but I'll take it. I need to shoot more often, but ammo affordability is a problem right now. Even if ammo prices came back down to the levels of a few years ago, I'd have trouble replacing stocks.

Sucks to be me I guess. On the current budget we didn't figure in ammo. I'm gonna have to fix that and budget some amount for restocking what I shoot. Even a small amount of cash is better than nothing. We'll see.

Maybe Santa will hook me up.

Last night I went out with a couple of the young fellas from work and we had a big time.
Stayed up to late, drank more than I should have & I've been feeling it all day. Needless to say, I didn't get anything accomplished around here today.

The weather has been good this week. Sunshine really helps with the mental health.
It's still to wet to get a lot of the crops out of the field. Man, it's gotta be tough for them.

Back to work tomorrow.

Gratuitous Picture for a Friday Night-
It's amazing they lost the war with weapons like this.


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