Tuesday, December 15, 2009

From That Place Where Great Briton......
Used to be.
Comes this.

"A millionaire businessman who fought back against a knife-wielding burglar was jailed for two-and-a-half years yesterday. But his attacker has been spared prison.

Munir Hussain, 53, and his family were tied up and told to lie on the floor by career criminal Waled Salem, who burst into his home with two other masked men.

Mr Hussain escaped and attacked Salem with a metal pole and a cricket bat. But yesterday it was the businessman who was starting a prison sentence for his 'very violent revenge'.

I really find it hard to believe that these people actually ruled a shit load of the world at one time.

"Jailing him, Judge John Reddihough said some members of the public would think that 56-year-old Salem 'deserved what happened to him' and that Mr Hussain 'should not have been prosecuted'.
But had he spared Mr Hussain jail, the judge said, the 'rule of law' would collapse.

He said: 'If persons were permitted to take the law into their own hands and inflict their own instant and violent punishment on an apprehended offender rather than letting the criminal justice system take its course, then the rule of law and our system of criminal justice, which are hallmarks of a civilised society, would collapse.'"

Oh, spare me the bullshit. This judge needs to be taken out and have a cricket bat taken to his nutsack.

This is the same squishy assed crap that progressive types would like to see here in this country.

They should be giving the guy a friggin award for outstanding civic duty.

"Rule of law" my ass.

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