Saturday, March 27, 2010

Range Report..........

Spent the entire day at the range yesterday. The 2 sons, Therapy Boy and Dog Boy came down for some much needed rifle instruction. We were joined by my friend, Clifford the Big Red Medic.

I was able to do individual instruction for both of them as schedules didn't allow them to be there simultaneously. That actually worked out to their benefit as the 1 on 1 time was well spent and well received.

Therapy Boy, who has never shot much more than pistols really did great. We started on the 50 yd range and by the time we progressed to the 100 mark he was spot on and very consistent with his groupings. It's only gonna take a bit more schooling and practice for him to be a crack shot.

Same for DogBoy. He was shooting unsupported, 100yd groups into an 8" circle in no time.

They will both be better shots than I am soon. Like after the next practice session is all.
I need to get MiniD out to instruct them. He's my resident shooter guru and has helped me immensely. He'll have those 2 morons dialed in tight in no time.

Both of the boys were a bit leery of the Mosin-Nagant recoil and I'm gonna have to work on them about being, recoil wussies. But we don't want to rush things here.

It was a great day and very encouraging to me to see these 2 take off so well with such minimal instruction.
I hope we get to do this often.

It's nice to spend time with the kids and the range is a great place to do it. Most non-shooters have no idea just how fun it is spending the day making big booms & punching holes in paper.

Gratuitous Picture for a Saturday Morning-
Always be aware. Tigers are everywhere.


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