Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thursday Morning Wakeup Call.......

Slept late and got a call from work. They need help as someone is sick so I'm gonna go in and make a bit of extra time. This is a good thing.

Extra hours help. Lord knows a guy can use a few extra bucks these days.

I was still to angry to post anything Tuesday or Wednesday and pretty much avoided the computer completely. Just as well as I wouldn't have had anything constructive to say. I'm still angry as hell but it's dampened down to a slow burn now.

I am curious to see if or how many Zombies have been in wanting their "Free Obamacare" yet. My guess is that some have already. I do hope I'm there when they do.

Gotta go Kids.
Today would be a good day to think about getting your garden ready/planned for this year.

Gratuitous Picture for a Thursday Morning-
Will ya look at the Tits on THIS?

From Theo Spark

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