Friday, May 07, 2010

Friday Night Update.......

Quick note here. Busy day here today.
Coworker, Kid K brought his little Mantis tiller over this afternoon. Oh my! What a wonderful little tool. It's a little messy (threw a bunch of the new compost out of the beds) but that's not a big deal considering I was able to prep all of the raised beds in about an hour an a half.

And my back is none the worse for it either. That's a 5-6 hour job normally, with a hell of a lot more expended energy than the 1 tank of gas needed today.

Oh hell yes. I'm ready to plant now.

I got a hold of Autumn Ridge Nursery today about the trees that didn't make it through this last Winter.
No problem.

The lady said she'd get the replacements right out to me. Good service there.

Their prices are as good as anywhere and their customer service is great.

Can't be upset with that.

Hell, I ordered some more trees from them. For some reason, all of the nut trees didn't make it through the Winter.
Fruit trees? They are all looking good. No idea why it worked out that way. But they made it right w/o a bit of complaint.
Can't ask for more than that.

We've got baby chicks here that I should get some pictures of. Damn I love baby chicks.

It's the busy season and there's a lot going on right now so posting will be light till things slow down.

Just an FYI.

Best be planting your own gardens kids. You're gonna need them.

Gratuitous Picture for a Friday Night-

Ok. Maybe he didn't make "that" Hall of Fame.....



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